About Painting & Photography

About my paintings:

Please look. You can find many stories if you look for a while. Find your view of my painting, another person might see a different story. I like to paint interesting views of my Someplace at Somewhere. Somebody called it “Romantic art”, another “Fantasy”. For me they are mostly images that occur. It’s like humming no particular song or like walking a dream. They are dreams I harvest on my canvas.

My paintings are mostly in oils as I like the way oil paints flow and mix. Sometimes I use a fast drying base of acrylics I finish with oils for the finer details. The last applications are usually several transparent glazes so the various base colours are filtered in different ways.

Usually I do not name my paintings because I think naming a painting might suggest symbolism or meaning. I think modern paintings shouldn’t need an explanation. Be captured by what you see. That’s why my paintings are numbered by a simple system. I’m sure you can guess the system if you know I was born in 1961.

Fantasy 4714

About the process of painting:

I mostly paint fine fantasy oil paintings. It’s a slow process. Most paintings take about a month or more to finish, but some smaller ones can be matter of only a few days. For the larger paintings I need days to get started. That’s the intuitive part. It’s like fishing, you suddenly catch one. After that it’s mostly just painting what I found. Sometimes I get stuck again and then I’ll have to search or “fish” for the next stage I know is in there somewhere!

About subjects:

Often, I paint ruins and landscapes. Natural elements are at the heart of my work. I like to walk in the beautiful landscapes of home and love to travel to Australia and North-America. In my paintings I combine landscapes and subjects that I have seen with things that might exist, so spectators often view the work as fantasy.

About Photography

Like painting, photography is about composition. Unlike painting, timing and the actual world are essential. A photo is made within seconds, but you can study a photo for hours. Sometimes I crop my photo, or correct the lighting a little, but mostly I try to catch a moment as it is. There’s beauty within a flash of time.

About labels:

I would prefer not to label my work. Everybody has a different perception and has the freedom to experience their view. It’s all about the viewer.  Everyone has the right to their opinion. I wish that the owners of a painting or the viewer of a photo appreciate it for what it is to them and cherish it for that reason. I hope the picture earns it’s place in their world.