Painting Videos

Singer 128 1913

This is a nice Singer 128 manufactured at the Clydebank factory in the second half of 1913.

Singer 12 New Family 1898

Two Singer sewing machines were very kindly donated to the Rusty collection Sewing Machine section. The first is a Singer Twelve New Family, Manufactured in 1898, making this the latest of our three Twelves. Though dusty and slightly damp, the decorations on this machine are mostly in good condition. Here you can browse the Dutch Singer […]

Packard Zig Zag deluxe treadle                                                                                                          machine

This Deluxe Packard is another Japanese American style machine. Though there is an electric light, it is a true treadle machine. Chrome controls and dials look very automotive on our Packard.

Impala Zig Zag deluxe

Impala Zig Zag Deluxe, another brand name used for a car. Metallic two tone paint and “speedometer” take the classic car theme to a new level.

Rambler Super Zig Zag

Rambler Super Zig Zag Japanese clone.  These very nice Japanese sewing machines were offered with various glorious names after ww2.  Some even had car brand names or names that were very similar to car brand names.

PMC Golden Stitch 

This PMC Golden Stitch flat bed machine is very similar. Probably manufactured before 1964 according to rubber stamped service dates on the machine. A simple flatbed machine on a plastic base, but still with elaborate dials and chrome ” up” and ” down” controls.

Victoria Free arm sewing machine

This Victoria is a later Japanese free arm machine. Still quite heavy and internally all metal, but the badge is just a sticker, there are a few plastic knobs and buttons and the colour is a less fetching two tone

Einer Deluxe Zig zag Sewing machine Ca 1970

This is the latest model in our series of Einer Japanese clones. It is still heavy and well built, but the American flamboyancy has been replaced with almost German industrial functionality. Compare the three Einers below.